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MT Drains

MT Drains Ltd was founded in 1999 and operates a 24 hour emergency plumbing and drainage service to the commercial and industrial sectors based in London and the South East.

All calls are centralised at our head office based in East Sussex, where our highly trained staff are committed to providing a first class service and excellent communication.

More Than 20 Years Experience!

Incorporating new innovations from around the world.

With more than 20 years experience in the industry all our engineers are equipped with high pressure jetting and plumbing equipment, and all of our vehicles are equipped with satellite navigation and vehicle tracking to improve response times to your site.

The complete drainage and emergency plumbing service : 24 hours 365 days a year

Call us on 0800 169 6993

Save water with MT Drains

With urinals generally flushing using a traditional trickle feed or sensors to fill the urinal cistern we have found generally that these can use anything from 100’000 litres a year and quite often can use over 1.5 million litres a year.

We offer a number of water saving options that will incorporate a comprehensive maintenance program and we find some clients save enough on water alone to pay for these options.

Our Services

Toilets & Drains
Toilets & Drains

Using high pressure drain jetting, we can clear blockages before they become and expensive problem!


Using Electro Rods to break up scale build up in urinal and waste pipes. We also have even larger machines for clearing larger pipes such as stack pipes.

Emergency Plumbing
Emergency Plumbing

Our professional plumbing team can provide a same day 24 hour emergency service, 365 days a year to repair urinals, burst pipes, taps, toilets, tanks, ball valves, Saniflo's, showers, radiators, water leaks and water mains.

Deep Underground Drains
Deep Underground

We specialise in deep underground drains in car parks too, with specialist tools and equipment we can restore your underground toilets in no time!.

Toilets & Drains
Stack Cleaning

The higher the buildings the taller the pipes, we have travelled all over the world to bring some of the best innovations to cope with keeping these pipes clean and flowing, so whether you’re on the ground or hundreds of feet up rest assured we can take care of these pipes for you.

Incorporating some of the fastest and most powerful high speed de-scalers we can now renovate highly scaled and corroded stack pipes. In London we are especially seeing the original cast pipe work reduced at times up to 90% due to scale and corrosion. In the past replacement was the only option and with the majority of this pipework hidden within the fabric of the building this was a mammoth task.

We can also renovate these hidden pipes by lining with the latest WRAS approved drain liners.

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Call us on 0800 169 6993

Other Services We Offer In House

Drain Surveys
Drain Surveys

Using CCTV specialised for drains, we will find your problem!

Pump Repair
Pump Repair & Servicing

Pump not working? We can fix that. Just need a service to keep your pump running smoothly? We offer that too.

Tanker Services
Tanker Services

From grease traps to sewage treatment plants, our tankers can easily handle your requirements.

No Dig Drain Repairs
No Dig Drain & Stack Repairs

We can repair your drain or stack without even needing to dig! Great for minimal disruption.

Robotic Cutting
Robotic Cutting & Obstruction Removal

We can clear an obstruction using state of the art robotic cutting tools to avoid digging!

Civil Engineering
Full Civil Engineering Service

We can fulfil your design, construction, and maintenance projects with our vast experience and excellent reputation.


Grease traps are a legal requirement in the UK of commercial and industrial kitchens, restaurants and food processing facilities. Find out more

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