NO DIG DRAIN REPAIR There are numerous trenchless drain lining methods available for repairing defective systems. These include Slip Lining, Spray Lining, Draw Lining, Rolled Down. Pipe Bursting and CIPP Lining.

The latter of these CIPP (cured in place pipe) Lining is the most commonly used drain lining technique on drainage systems within the UK.

The drain liner itself is a felt tube with a thin plastic coating on its outer wall, a mixture of resin, a catalyst and an accelerator which are poured into the tube and the liner is then 'wetted out'. This is the process of ensuring that the resin soaks into the felt evenly throughout the length of the liner. The liner is then inserted into the defective drain and inflated using air. As the liner is held mechanically to the wall of the host pipe, the resin cures over a short period of time forming a pipe within the host pipe.

NO - DIG Drain Repair.... the easy way to repair a defective system without the need to excavate.

"Using flexible polyester resin liner this is the latest technology for reporting cracked or broken pipes"
>Inversion Drain Liners

These liners can have a thinner wall or coating and can be inverted into the drain or sewer without the use of an inversion hose. More flexible than the drag in liners, they can negotiate bends and changes of direction whilst still leaving a smooth internal finish.

>Drag In Drain Liners

These are pulled into place or pushed down a drain and would typically have a wall thickness of 3mm up to 6mm dependant on the pipe size and depth. The liner is then inflated using an inversion hose or tube.

PIPE SIZES from 100mm - 600mm
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