High Pressure Jetting - water is stored in holding tanks before being pumped through a high pressure hose with a jetting nozzle attached at the end. The nozzle has pin holes drilled at angles to the rear, when water is pumped through the nozzle the water jets propel the hose forward, thus cleaning anything in its path.

All MT Drains vehicles are equipped with jetting van mounted units, these units usually operate from 1000 to 4000 psi. Working with High Pressure Water Jetting units is a dangerous business in itself, therefore should only be carried out by trained professionals using the correct equipment and safety clothing.

Our engineers can generally get an idea of the cause of the blockage or obstruction by the way the jetting nose is moving and the movement of the water in a a blocked system. There are the obvious signs such as retrieving tree root fibres on the hose and nozzle, or large lumps of grease and fat surfacing during the jetting works. The colour of the waste water can change slightly if the nozzle has found its way out of the system and into the subsoil and you can normally tell if the hose has entered a concealed chamber or passed through a drop shaft just by the way the hose has progressed through the system or by the amount of manipulation required to get the hose through to the defect.
> All of our Jetting hoses are thermoplastic hoses and range from 50 - 150 metres. However, its not unusual to connect two or more hoses together in order to acquire the desired length for field drains or long sewer lengths, it just comes down to the size of the jetting unit required to propel the weight of the entire hose through the system.
"A fast and efficient way to clean blockages or clean dirty pipe work"
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